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Executive MBA Cost of Attendance

Full-time Enrollment: minimum 12.0 credit hours per semester.

Please note: The tables represent estimated academic year costs for financial aid and budgeting purposes for students living off-campus. Actual semester tuition and fees charges are available on the Executive MBA website.

2018-2019: Executive MBA Cost of Attendance

2018-2019 Executive MBA Cost of Attendance
Item On/Off Campus
9 Months
Executive MBA
On/Off Campus
9 Months
Executive MBA
Admit Term Fall 2015 onward Fall 2015 onward
Plan EMB031X0 DEM031X0
Direct Costs: University charges that will appear on your eBill.
{{EMBA18-OFFC-FEE-label}} 1 {{EMBA18-OFFC-FEE-value}} {{EMBA18-OFFC-FEE1-value}}
Indirect Costs: Reasonable calculation of educational expenses you may incur while enrolled.
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Total {{total EMBA18-OFFC-FEE-value EMBA18-INDIRECT-EXPENSES-value EMBA18-OFFC-DIRECT-value}} {{total EMBA18-OFFC-FEE1-value EMBA18-INDIRECT-EXPENSES-value EMBA18-OFFC-DIRECT-value}}

The above budget does not include costs for UB Medical Insurance, which is mandatory for all qualifying full-time domestic students. You will be automatically charged for the UB Student Medical Insurance premium to your tuition bill and enrolled in the program unless you have successfully completed a waiver process proving you have comparable coverage. The cost for student medical insurance for the 2018-2019 academic year is $2,210.00 which is billed during the fall term. If you begin enrollment during the spring term, the health insurance is prorated. Contact a financial aid advisor to determine if this additional expense impacts your financial aid eligibility.

1 The Program Fee includes the cost per credit hour, books and supplies. The Program Fee does not include the cost of a laptop.

The Program Fee above is effective for students admitted into the program beginning fall 2015. Students admitted prior to the fall 2015 term will incur a Program Fee of $24,000 if early admission was granted, or $25,000 if admitted after the early admission deadline.

Please contact your financial aid advisor with questions regarding your budget and aid eligibility.

2 Asia International Residency Requirement: Please contact your financial aid advisor with questions regarding your budget and aid eligibility.

Information is subject to change without notice due to changes in federal, state and/or institutional rules and regulations. Students must complete a FAFSA every year. Students must be making satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive financial aid.