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Census Date & Disbursement Calendars

Financial Aid Census Date

Census refers to the day a snapshot is taken of a student’s registration for financial aid purposes. Federal Pell, TEACH and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants are based on UB credit hours registered by 11:59 pm EST on this date. There is a census date for each semester.

Be sure you are fully registered by this date. Courses added after this date will not be considered for financial aid eligibility.

2023-2024 Academic Year Census Dates

  • Summer 2023: July 12, 2023
  • Fall 2023: September 5, 2023
  • Spring 2024: January 31, 2024

NOTE: There is no census date for winter session, since it is not considered a stand-alone term.

What is disbursement?

The process of releasing financial aid and posting the funds directly to the student’s account.  Disbursements can be positive or negative. While a positive disbursement will apply funds to your student account, a negative disbursement will withdraw funds from your account. Negative disbursements may occur as a result of an overpayment of a financial aid award.

What is a refund?

The process of taking the credit balance on a student’s account and returning it to the student according to the Student Accounts Office refund schedule.

Disbursement Schedule

Financial aid disbursements will begin on or after the dates shown on the timeline below and will run through the end of the academic year. Outstanding eligibility requirements, such as items listed on the student’s To-Do List in HUB Student Services Center, may delay the disbursement of one or more funds. Financial aid funds are disbursed directly to the student’s University at Buffalo student account, with the exception of Federal Work-Study which is paid directly to the student via paycheck.

New York State Financial Aid Award Disbursements

New York State awards including the TAP Grant and scholarships are disbursed to the student account after 100% tuition liability is assessed by the Student Accounts Office each term, providing the award is certified at HESC.

New York State Excelsior Scholarship, Excelsior Tuition Credit and STEM funds will not disburse to students’ accounts until after final grades are received each term.

Summer 2023

*Summer Pell Grant funds will disburse after the summer census date, regardless of the session in which you are enrolled.

Summer 2023 Disbursement and Census Dates
Summer 2023
Career/ Academic Level Summer Session Disbursements begin on or after the date listed below Financial Aid Census Date
Undergraduate (All)
Graduate (All)
Pharmacy (P1-P4)
Full  (I) 5/30/2023 7/12/2023
Session 1 (J) 5/30/2023 7/12/2023
Session 2 (K) 6/26/2023 7/12/2023
Session 3 (M) 7/10/2023 7/12/2023
9 Week (L) 5/30/2023 7/12/2023
10 Week (A) 5/30/2023 7/12/2023
5/30/2023 7/12/2023

Fall 2023, Spring 2024

Federal financial aid will disburse prior to the first day of classes for the fall and spring semesters. Changes to your enrollment may impact your eligibility, so it is important to complete your registration before the dates listed below to avoid adjustments to your financial aid. We will evaluate your eligibility prior to the disbursements to confirm that your financial aid package is as accurate as possible.

IMPORTANT! If your financial aid eligibility changes after disbursement, you will be required to return the funds you received.

New York State financial aid will continue to follow the schedule dictated by the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC). The TAP Grant, SUNY Tuition Credit, and some other scholarships will disburse to eligible students after the 5th week of classes. Eligibility for the Excelsior and STEM Scholarships will be determined after the completion of the fall term.

*New York State awards will continue to be reflected as anticipated aid on your student account until either the fifth week of classes or the end of the term, depending on the award type.

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Disbursement and Census Dates
Fall 2023 Spring 2024
Career/ Academic Level Disbursements tentatively begin on or after the date listed below Disbursements tentatively begin on or after the date listed below
Undergraduate (All) 8/21/2023 1/17/2024
Graduate (All) 8/21/2023 1/17/2024
Pharmacy (P1 – P4) 8/21/2023 1/17/2024
Executive MBA Year 1 8/21/2023 1/17/2024
Executive MBA Year 2 8/21/2023 NA
Medicine 1 7/21/2023 12/26/2023
Medicine 2 7/24/2023 12/26/2023
Medicine 3 7/3/2023 12/1/2023
Medicine 4 7/3/2023 12/1/2023
Dental 1 7/28/2023 12/26/2023
Dental Medicine 2-4 7/28/2023 12/26/2023
Law 1 8/14/2023 1/2/2024
Law 2, 3 8/21/2023 1/26/2024
Law Bridge 2, 3 8/21/2023 12/26/2023

Information is subject to change without notice due to changes in federal, state and/or institutional rules and regulations. Students must complete a FAFSA every year. Students must be making satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive financial aid.